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Christmas Toys for 4 to 6 Year old Kids

Kids always love toys at their little age and sometimes even parents get worried about the Christmas toys for 4 to 6 year old ones. This age range is for gathering ideas, bits of knowledge, educational innovations, and skills. Due to the utmost technology, smart manufacturers and toy shops produce a bunch of supernew toys for these kids. Every Christmas, a kid expects nice gifts from parents, family, or close ones. As the festival is upcoming soon, we decorated our site for nice, classy, innovative, and creative toys for different categories. In this article, we launch the top 10 best toys for 4 to 6 year old kids as well as reviews. Let’s grab one!

Top 10 Best Christmas Toys for 4 to 6 Year old’s



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Betus Non-Ticking Robot Alarm Clock Christmas Toys


Fat Brain Box and Balls Christmas Toys 


Educational Kids Binoculars Christmas Toys 


Safari Kidz Outdoor Adventure Set


Magic Metal Biplane Ride On Toy


Modarri Transporter Semi Truck


Discovery Toys Marbleworks Ultra Grand


Monobeach Princess Tent


The Girl Who Saved Christmas - Book


MeDoozy 3D Pen Set

#1: Betus Non-Ticking Robot Alarm Clock Christmas Toys

Training kids is more than just giving those candies and all other chewable or ordinary fun stuff. Get them something that not only gives them much fun as a toy but also helps build up your kid, develops and boosts up their individual skills. The Betus Non-Ticking Robot Alarm Clock Stainless Metal serves as the perfect choice of  your 4 to 6 year old kids toy for this Christmas season. It might seem small on the outside but it is just about the right bargain at the right price. It is affordable and you don’t need to break the bank just to get one.


The design and structure of the Betus Non-Ticking Robot Alarm Clock Stainless Metal is the right style for your kids and if it is any addition, its coloring fits just right in with the season. It is designed with attractive color and finishing. Its ruby red color makes it fitting as décor for any room or space and if it is any addition, matches just right in with the color for Christmas. It is constructed out of durable and quality stainless metal. It can last for quite a very long time with the right maintenance and possibly for years.

A white dial with black numerals printed on it to help your child easily see the time. It also has a black hour and second hand. It is shaped and built just like a mini robot with a head, two hands and two legs. To make things even much better, it does not have that annoying ticking sound when counting meaning your kid can have his or her beauty sleep with having that disturbing noise. If you want a nice decoration for your kid’s room, this is definitely the perfect choice of toy you can use.

Special Features:

The features of any product whether a toy or a normal household tool is always essential. It is what makes it comfortable and easy to use. The Betus Non-Ticking Robot Alarm Clock Stainless Metal features two knobs behind the clock which you can use to set both the time and the alarm. It is a whole lot easier to set and to use than the digital clock. It works with 2 AAA batteries and depending on the quality of the battery it can stay for quite a while. Its measurement stands at 6.5 inches in height and about 4.5 inches in width. It has flashing eyes with a non-ticking clock feature. Its hands offer a clip design that can serve various other purposes. This clip can deliver any message you want to you or hold them for the time being.

How does it work? / How to play?

The Betus Non-Ticking Robot Alarm Clock Stainless Metal is pretty easy to use and needs no guide or rule on how best to do this or that. It is not only easy to use but quite efficient. Unlike other toys you could get for your kid, this is quite the type that can help your kid organize him or herself. It has two knobs placed at the back of the clock which you can use to set or adjust the time and also to set your alarm to your desired time.

Keep it well placed by your kid’s bed and it will wake him up at the desired time and also help him tell the time. You have a clip on the hand of the clock with which you can always drop a note off for your kid or the kid can drop a note for himself as well. although with this toy you might need to keep an eye on the kids from time to time so they don’t get themselves injured with the hand clip.

Entertainment Value:

The entertainment gotten from a toy is basically not just about how well the kid can play with it, but what amount of fun things it can provide. The Betus Non-Ticking Robot Alarm Clock Stainless Metal is definitely no ordinary toy. It helps teach your kid about how to keep him organized and helps them develop better. It also helps improve their creative and imaginative thinking skills. With the absence of the disturbing and annoying ticking sound, it is perfect for kids who are light sleepers to enjoy their sleep and wake up at the right time feeling sound.


  1. The clock was made to be lightweight for easy lifting by kids.
  2. It is the best for light sleepers with its silent ticking style.
  3. It is pretty easier to set even for kids when compared to the digital clock.
  4. The clock has an attractive and beautiful design.
  5. It is very cheap and affordable.
  6. The Betus Non-Ticking Robot Alarm Clock is made of quality stainless that can last you for years to come.


  1. There are a few complaints from some customers about its low functionality level.
  2. It can be somewhat harmful to the very little kids with its hand clip.

Why should you should it?

The Betus Non-Ticking Robot Alarm Clock Stainless Metal is a perfect choice of toy for any kid for the Christmas season and presents them with a good way to enjoy the festivities. Give your kid the one toy that not only presents them a fun time but also helps them tell the time easily and also wakes them up at the appointed time. With its price range, it is just a very good bargain and a perfect pick for your kids. It operates very silently without the ticking sound offering your kid a very peaceful rest. Although it might seem cheap, it is made from durable stainless steel materials and can last your kid for years to come as long as it receives the appropriate maintenance. Purchase the Betus Non-Ticking Robot Alarm Clock Stainless Metal and enjoy using a beautiful and attractive alarm clock.

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#2: Fat Brain Box and Balls Christmas Toys 

The right toy for kids this Christmas is something that provides them with as much fun as it also creates an avenue for some intellectual exercise and development. During this Christmas season, it is quite good for the kids to have both their playing time and creative time infused into one and the Fat Brain Box and Balls is just the perfect way to get that done. This toy is no ordinary toy or a regular plaything. It helps your kid boosts up their creative thinking skills and builds up their mind. You can tend to see it just like the little kids’ puzzle game if you like. It offers your kid dozens of playing options with its 8 sets of classic looking wooden boxes and good for use both indoors and outdoors.


The Fat Brain Box and Balls are very much different from the regular kiddie’s toy you grab in the market or store. It is made of the quality and top-notch materials to give it a classy look and top-class durability. It is designed is square boxes with a length of about 5.6 inches. Its width and also measures the same as the length giving it the perfect square shape. It is made of durable wooded and rubber materials to ensure it lasts as longs as needed by its user.

The boxes are made of basswood and designed to be safe for use by both smaller and older kids. It is also sturdy, strong and durable to last a really long time. The balls come about 8 in number and are all made of quality rubber materials. This myriad of the game is suitable for both the younger kids, college kids and anyone willing to do a skilled or brainy challenge. The Fat Brain Box and Balls come with beautiful coloring coupled with attractive designs and writing on the body. The game in its pack weighs about 2.67 pounds. Light enough for a kid to carry around.

Special Features:

The features accompanied by the packaging of this toy are just perfect. It comes with 8 wooden boxes and 8 rubber balls for the kids’ benefit and fun. The design of this box is just like an acoustic and sounds so sweet like a xylophone. This toy features a game suggestion inside its box to show how best to play the game. It is more or less like an instruction guide or manual.

How does it work? / How to play?

The Fat Brain Box and Balls is a very easy toy to use or you can say an easy game to play. It can be played in pairs, which is by just two persons, or even in groups. This does not mean a kid can’t play the game all by himself. Each box of this game is designed with some game instructions and suggestions to make playing this game feel easier for the kids. As parents, you can always supervise your kids while they play or join in the fun as the game can also accommodate both the little ones and the adults.

Entertainment Values:

This game provides the best form of entertainment and fun both parents and kids can actually hope for. Just like puzzles or even the game of chess which is both fun, mind-blowing and also mind developing, this game can fit into that circle for the kids. If you want your kid not to only be concerned with the playing this Christmas but at the same time mix it up with a little intellectual exercise, then this is about perfect.

The Fat Brain Box and Balls helps in developing and improving the child’s locomotive skills, it strengthens their hand-eye coordination or what some will call their ‘Hand-eye-bouncy ball coordination. It also helps them boost their creative thinking skills and improve their socialization with their peers. With this toy, your kid gets to catch fun the right way and it can be used not only in the home but outside as well. it is a great game for kiddie’s parties, teen groups and also family challenges.


  1. It is very much safe for the kids to use.
  2. Although the basswood is quite unfinished, it still looks classy and unique.
  3. Great design and top-class durability.
  4. Improves your kid’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  5. The wooden boxes produce a xylophone-like acoustic sound.
  6. It can be played by one person, two or more.
  7. Suitable for parties and family games.
  8. With its cheap price and features, it is quite a great bargain.


  1. If any of the balls were to get missing they would be pretty hard to replace.

Why you should buy it?

To say the least, there are numerous toys in the market today which would b okay for your kid but I am sure if you wanted something that would just be okay, you would not have searched for help. You definitely need something more than okay, something great. Your kid would need something a nesting game. Something rolling, bouncing, fun and stacking. The Fat Brain Box and Balls fit right into that circle. It not only creates an avenue for a high level of fun for your kid but also gives him the ability to gain more than that. It helps in your kid’s physical and mental development which when compared to other toys in the market; it sure beats the lot of them.

Your kid deserves something of class. The Fat Brain Box and Balls are both classy, sturdy, strong and durable. it can last for years and can surely be passed from one kid to the next should you wish. It not only can serve as a kid’s personal game but also as a family game and can be played by more than one person at a time. it is surely fun unlimited. Its price rate makes it pretty cheap and a very good bargain. Give your kid the best this holiday and watch them and the family enjoy a nice fun time every time.

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#3: Educational Kids Binoculars Christmas Toys 

The best Christmas toy you can give your kid is one that can serve both an educational purpose as well as a fun and entertainment purpose. The Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. Kidnoculars: Kids Binoculars can be regarded as one of the best in that area. It serves both educational and entertainment functions for your kids. It is suitable for a kid from the age of 3 years and above. It is capable of increasing objects to a size that is more than 3 times that of an ordinary binocular. This piece is definitely no joke.


The design and style of the Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. Kidnoculars: Kids Binoculars is pretty exceptional and attractive. It comes with beautiful coloring with a mixture of about 4 colors placed in the right proportion. It is designed to fit perfectly for the kids and also safe for their use. It is built and constructed with durable and quality plastic and rubber materials, designed to be kid-tough and to last for years to come. It comes with a large comfy eyepiece for better user experience.

Special features:

The Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. Kidnoculars: Kids Binoculars is known for its provision of essential and safety features. For more safety for the kid, it features an eye guard to prevent your kid from getting hurt while looking through the binoculars. It possesses a 2X magnification to make it easier for kids to find those things they wish to see up close. It comes with easy replacement goggles should any get damaged and need changing.

How does it work? / How to play?

Making use of the Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. Kidnoculars: Kids Binoculars is as easy as you can ever think of. It never needs a guide or instruction manual to teach the kid how to make use of it. All you need to do is place the binocular on the eyes and get to use it. It has a magnifying power which gives you 2 times easier for your kid to locate that distant image and increases objects 3 times more than your regular binoculars. The Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. Kidnoculars: Kids Binoculars is lightweight and easy to manage by the kids with an overall weight of about 5 ounces.

Entertainment Value:

The Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. Kidnoculars: Kids Binoculars comes with a high entertainment rate most especially for kids who are fans of nature and its elements. It creates an easier way for kids to have a good look at the object which might seem far away from them. It is a perfect piece of educational and development equipment for kids. It helps you groom and educates them from a younger age.


  1. This binoculars weight about 5 ounces making it lightweight and a perfect choice for kids.
  2. A very nice and attractive design and color finishing.
  3. It is convenient to hold for a kid’s face and portable enough for their little hands.
  4. It has a strong and durable construction.
  5. Its goggles and parts are replaceable.
  6. It is very much affordable and cheap.


  1. It has just 2x magnifying power which would not be appealing to kids once they get older.

Why you should buy it?

The Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. Kidnoculars: Kids Binoculars is more than just an ordinary kiddie’s binoculars. It is suitable for kids from the age of 3 to about 6 years and this is probably due to its 2x magnifying power. It is made of strong, durable and sturdy materials which make it sure to last a long period. Its design is attractive and pretty colorful and the safety of the kids was considered during its manufacturing. This piece comes at a very cheap price rate and is quite a bargain considering its features and properties.

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#4: Safari Kidz Outdoor Adventure Set Christmas Toys 

Give your child nothing less than the best and most complete set of playing kit which is not just safe, cool and unique, but also one that fits and is definitely of the right price range. With the Safari Kidz Outdoor Adventure Set, your kid gets the best of entertainment and fun with a complete set of playing equipment which contains hat, binoculars, bug container, bug net, flashlight, a whistle and so many other nice things that children definitely love. It is a multi-tool pack that also serves as an adventure park and with this, your kid is set to go on his first adventure.


The design of the Safari Kidz Outdoor Adventure Set is very much pleasing. One thing you should note is that this toy comes as a set which means it contains various other equipment in it. It is designed to fit perfectly into kids from the age of 4 and above. It comes with very attractive coloring which is sure to blend colorfully in with any place or environment your kid wishes to play in. its materials from the flashlights to the bug container, bug net, vest, hat, binoculars, magnifying glass, whistle, and tweezers are all made from quality plastic and cotton materials to ensure they stay strong and durable for a longer period and if possible years. The level of maintenance it receives also adds to the amount of fun your kid gets to have with this piece.

Special Features:

The Safari Kidz Outdoor Adventure Set is well packed and stocked with enough features that are sure to bring your kid so much fun while playing or keeping up with his adventurous activities. With this set, your kid is well prepared to kick off his task. It comes with a hat and a jacket, a bug net and a bug container for storing them. A flashlight is also added for a better vision and binoculars for a clearer, and more magnified view. Its complete set also includes a magnifying glass, tweezers and a whistle.

How does it work? / How to play?

The Safari Kidz Outdoor Adventure Set is a complete set of adventure and hunting tools for kids to help them enjoy their adventure experience and also keep them well and fully entertained at all times. It comes with numerous features and equipment which is pretty easy to use but for safety reasons, it is always important for parents to keep watch of their kids as younger kids might get carried away when making use of such objects. It also has objects that keep your kid covered while they play like the hat and the jacket for a better costuming to fit the occasion.

Entertainment Value:

One major reason for purchasing any toy for a kid whether it is a Christmas toy or not if for the purpose of the kid’s entertainment and fun. It is important that such a toy should be capable of giving the kid as much joy and fun as possible. The Safari Kidz Outdoor Adventure Set is just perfect in that aspect. Not only is it a good entertainment toy but it also helps develop the child’s creative and imaginative thinking skills, in order words, it helps develop the kid’s mind. It not only helps entertain but also helps educate your kid.


  1. This toy set is made to be very strong, sturdy and durable. It can last for years with the right maintenance.
  2. It helps develop kid’s creative thinking skills.
  3. The price range is pocket-friendly and cheap.
  4. Its compass helps teach kids basic direction readings.


  1. Mastering the usage of this toy set might not be easy for some kids and they might need a little extra guidance with that.

Why you should buy it?

There are not many toys in the market which can offer your kid as much fun and entertainment value as the Safari Kidz Outdoor Adventure Set. Couple with its educational values it also adds, it can be regarded as the best choice of toy to get for your kid this Christmas season. Its price range makes it a very nice bargain if you consider its numerous features and high level of durability. Give your child the best gift this Christmas and what as he enjoys and smiles all season.

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#5: Magic Metal Biplane Ride On Toy Christmas Toys 

For the little ones, there is nothing as exciting as getting that very first set of wheels. It might not be something big but something to ride on is always appreciated. The Magic Cabin Lil’ Wings Metal Biplane Ride On Toy for Toddlers is just a great way to start for your little kids. It is suitable for kids from 2 years of age and above.


This airplane-like car ride is of a nice classy design. Constructed from durable and strong metal, it can last for years as long as it is properly taken care of. It is designed to look like a classic plane of the 1940s with very attractive body finishing. The body is beautified with two colors, white and red. It also has some writings on the body done in black for better visibility and more beauty. The seat is colored black and it is made to feel soothing and soft, comfortable enough for your kid to enjoy hours of fun riding. It comes with durable wheels designed to work really well on various terrains and easy movement.

Special Features:

This plane has quite unique features that liken it to the classy planes and jets of the early 20th century. It comes with one pilot or rider seat which means it is only suitable for one kid at a time. It also has a propeller in front of the plane which turns as the kid keeps on riding and steering for better control and easier movement.

How does it work? / How to play?

Just like every other reason and highly recommended kiddie’s toy, the Magic Cabin Lil’ Wings Metal Biplane is very easy to use for kids no matter how small. It comes without pedals so all you need to do is have another kid push from behind or he can use his legs to add a little force. It is always advised for parents to keep watch on their kids while they ride should in case they go into sloppy terrains. The older kids might have control of themselves, unlike the younger ones. It has steering that is quite responsive and can be used for easy control and better movement

Entertainment Value:

The Magic Cabin Lil’ Wings Metal Biplane comes with enough fun and entertainment your kid really needs and desires. If you wish to keep your kid smiling throughout the festive period then this should be your pick. This plane does not only provide fun and joy for your kids but also helps them improve in various other ways. Through riding, it serves as a form of exercise for your kids and also helps boost their fine motor skills. Through their act or role-play, it also helps improve their creative thinking ability which is something you don’t get from every regular toy.


  1. This toy is made of high quality and strong metal.
  2. It can last for years with efficient and proper maintenance.
  3. Suitable for kids from 2 years and above.
  4. It develops a kid’s fine motor skills.
  5. Classy and simple design.


  1. Price is not really cheap comparing its features and properties.

Why you should buy it?

The Magic Cabin Lil’ Wings Metal Biplane is simple and classy enough to be any little kid’s beautiful first set of wheels. Give your kid the chance to feel the 20th-century vibe with this ride. It is comfortable and suitable for kids from 2 years to about 6 years. It is easy to use and any kid would love to have this in his collection.

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#6: Modarri Transporter Semi Truck

As a parent, you would want a toy that serves your children for many years. Modarri Transporter will be relevant to your child from 4-6 years old. The toy has interchangeable car parts, quick to change spare parts, and real finger driving experience.

With Modarri Transporter, your child becomes a car designer, a driver, and mechanic at the same time. To put the car into motion, the child will place the finger on the driver’s seat giving your child an illusion of real driving.


It comes with a mix and match system of assembly. The package comes with 11 different pieces that allow your child to design their models of cars. There are countless car designs, and your family will have fun assembling their designed vehicles. It comes with added value to your little ones.

Special Features:

Modarri Transporter Semi Truck comes with a carrier that enables your child to carry up to 8 different cars and display their unique car and truck models in fashion.

It is substantially flexible, and the car can easily make sharp turns and form a figure-eight pattern without repositioning your hand. Such kind of stunts is impossible with other car toys. you can read also – Playhouse for 4 Year Old

How does it work? / How to play

It is unique racing cars which come with extra spare parts to enable your child to mix and match for new modeled vehicles. They allow your child to design their cars, replace broken parts, and race them using a finger. They come with a carrier for display.

Entertainment value

The fun never stops with this playset. Your child can make his own designed cars or trucks and can share spare parts with his friends for added models. Besides, the vehicle explores many stunts without straining or repositioning your hand.


  • The playset adds value to your child and sparks their interest in design and mechanics careers.
  • With a variety of spare parts, the child will have fun making and designing their models of cars.
  • The playset comes with three cars and a carrier
  • It comes with realistic mechanics with adjustable ramps.
  • It is durable and perfect for outdoor games.


  • It fits for bigger kids from 4 yrs old and above.

Why should you buy it?

It fuels creativity to your young ones by giving them a chance to put up together spare parts and create their own designed cars. Besides, it is easy to develop these cars, and your child can do it on their own without straining, making it a fun game for them.

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#7: Discovery Toys Marbleworks Ultra Grand Prix Racing Marble Run

As a parent choose a toy that will cause mental growth and social life. Marble works will advance your child’s growth in matters, visualization, physics, and technology. With Ultra Grand Prix Racing Marble, it will spark interest for higher learning in careers such as math, technology, engineering, etc. the game entails designing your huge marble raceway. It comes with eight different marble actions. The package includes Marbleworks booster pack and Marbleworks Grand Prix.


The toy is a durable DT quality. It is made with long-lasting polystyrene which is impact resistant and gives the marbles a glossy look. The tracking has two sides/paths in which you build the supersized marble raceway. This new improved version of Marbleworks is perfectly compatible with previous Marbleworks toys. It is a perfect toy for 4 to 6 years and above children.

Special features:

  • It contains modern marble colors with a crank arm piece.
  • It has 8 unique marble actions- you split your tracks into two paths and they rejoin into one track which is the way to determine the winner when playing.
  • It is inclusive of the Marbleworks Grand Prix and Booster pack.

How does it work? / How to play?

You play Marbleworks by connecting colorful pieces of marbles in different ways for many raceway outcomes. It is simply predicting which marble will finish the race first.

Entertainment value:

You will have fun as the whole family as you predict which route the marbles will take. With infinite outcomes comes the fun of prediction.


  • It promotes visualization
  • It improves creativity and experimentation when you try to predict which race marble will take.
  • It fosters logical reasoning at a young age
  • It is made with durable DT quality material.


  • Sometimes the marbles may hang on the raceways.

Why you should buy it?

It is a fun game but with it are added advantages. With marble works speed your children observe and learn the laws of gravity, physics object permanence, etc. which inspire them to pursue careers in engineering, technology, and mathematics.

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#8. Monobeach Princess Tent

Give your baby girl a haven with this Monobeach Princess Tent. She will feel like a princess in this exquisitely beautiful playhouse. It is a pink castle designed tent which oozes some sort of fairytale ambiance. It is spacious, and it can fit up to 3 children at the same time, which will make it easy for your girl to host her gang for a play date. It comes with star lights that sparkle in the darkness. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor space.


The playhouse is made of a durable, lightweight polyester taffeta tent. The tent is quite huge, with dimensions of 55 by 53 inches, which makes it perfect for children with claustrophobia. It comes with stars that form the canvas dreamy and fairy tale and will leave your girls feeling like Cinderella or any princess in the castle. It is easy to clean and comes with straightforward assembly.

Special Features:

  • The playhouse is made with Polyester Taffeta material, which is durable, lightweight, and easy to clean.
  • It is vast with Dimension of 55 x 53 inches as diameter and height, respectively.
  •  It has Newfangled Castle Design, which is primarily inspired by castles in the fairytales and makes the playhouse remarkably outstanding and appealing to a girl child.
  • The package comes with a princess tent, a manual, poles and connectors, and star lights.

How does it work? / How to play?

It is a playhouse tent that your child can play and have their own space. Your child will have a haven when they want their own space to read, relax, and have a moment to bond with their friends. This tent is spacious and can accommodate two of their friends. They can play house, read and invent other games.

Entertainment value:

It is a unique space for your child to be themselves as they play with their mates or siblings. Besides, with the stars that sparkle in darkness, it makes them feel like they are relieving their fantasy of princess and fairy tale characters.


  • It is made with durable polyester taffeta material.
  • The playhouse is easy to clean.
  • It comes complete for use.
  • It is perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • It is easy to set up and break down.


  • AA batteries are not included in the package.

Why you should buy it?

It is a large and magnificent playhouse for your girls because it is dreamy with stars and hence a perfect gift for your young ones.

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#9. The Girl Who Saved Christmas

How cool is it gifting your girls with a reading culture as a gift? With this fantastic Christmas book, you give your child a chance to interact with characters in the book and hence shaping their personality at a young age. It would be an excellent chance for them to learn how to read in their more youthful life. This book will enable your child to be in contact with their in-depth empathy for the human condition.


She was the first child in history to receive a Christmas present from Santa. She had complete faith for Christmas, which motivated Santa to perform magic and take a trip to the whole world with gifts. But now she is having problems.

It all began when Amelia Wishart’s mother fell ill and later died, and she was taken to a cruel workhouse to take care of herself. She is toiling under cruelty for close to a year now. She scrubs the dirty floor and eats watery gruel, and her employer shows no kindness. Within no time, her hope is draining away, and her chances of salvation are close to none.

At the North Pole Santa notices that the Christmas magic levels low as the holidays approach. It dawns on Santa that something is very wrong. With his wisdom, Santa sends curious cat and Charles Dickens to find Amelia, a great believer of Christmas, to see if she could save the holiday. The only way to save Christmas is by making the only girl who could save the holiday Amelia, believe in the holiday again. Will they succeed?

Editorial review:

The story is set in 1840 in London. It is clear that only magic and hope makes the holiday possible. The main character’s full faith enables the Father Christmas to perform his very first Christmas. A couple of years later, the orphaned Amelia is taken into some sort of slavery, and that destroys the Santa’s place by a giant troll.

The story has a playful flow with funny characters. What makes this story unique and outstanding is a well-paced flow and detailed descriptions. The characters in the story show genuine emotions like sadness, loss, fear, ultimately, and pure love. It is a holiday-themed story


“The author has great empathy for the human condition, the good and evil altogether, and uses that to build up his beautiful and excellent stories.”- Neil Gaiman- award-winning author of Graveyard book

“With some good measure of nice and a little naughty, this Christmas holidays yarn is editable sugarplum”- Kirkus reviews

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#10. MeDoozy 3D Pen Set – Cool Arts and Crafts Toys

Spark your little girl’s creativity with this MeDoozy 3D Pen Set. It is an ideal gift for the holiday, during their birthday, or at any time of achievement. It is a perfect package for small girls and teens. It is best for girls from 4-12-year-old kids. It is multi-colored magic that will make bring out your kiddos’ creativity and the artist in her. Besides, it is an ideal set of toys for your child’s girlfriend sleepovers; with her funny friend, they can easily print their wonderland!


It is a rechargeable 3D pen. MeDoozy pen set is easy to customize into anything your child wants, like emoji stickers. These stickers are attached around the led area of the enclosure allowing your child to express their personality. It ensures safety for your little ones. The 3D pens set are refillable and have a seamless and smooth flow. They come in white, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, red, and purple colors.

Special Feature:

  • Easy to use- it comes with only three buttons, which help the child to operate it. With an ergonomic design, the 3D pen comfortably fits on your child’s hand.
  • The 3D pen is made of plastic and designed to coordinate with Eco-friendly PCL filament. It emits low-temperature to prevent skin burns to your kids even when she touches the nozzle. It has no smell or evaporation whatsoever.
  • It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery which has a nozzle without clogging risks, lightweight and sturdy ensuring long-term usage
  • It is wireless and hence flexible to be carried farther from the socket.

How does it work? / How to play?

The MeDoozy 3d pen works by heating plastic filament from inside to its melting point, and you force it outside through the nozzle. It functions just like a glue gun. Molten plastic leaves the pen; it hardens and takes whatever shape you have created.

Entertainment value:

Your child will have fun expressing themselves through the shapes they make and other designs using the 3D pen. Besides, the toy is perfect for adults as well.

  • It is sturdy and durable.
  • The 3D pen has an inbuilt rechargeable battery.
  • The plastic used in making the 3D pen does not emit high temperature, which would cause burns.
  • It does not produce harmful vapor or odor.
  • It is easy to customize it with emoji stickers.
  • It is perfect for bigger kids.

Why you should buy it?

It is a safe toy for your girl and her friends. It works for up to 2 hours when fully charged and does not clog the nozzle. You can bond with your young one creating various shapes using the 3D pen. It is the most preferred gift by modern parents.

Final Recommendations of Christmas Toys for Kids

Depending on gender, toys should be relevant. Obviously, you cannot buy an electrical guitar or piano for these kids who are just 4 to 6 years old. Girls are fond of colorful and gentle toys. Boys love cars, trucks, binoculars, adventure toys. We reviewed these toys already and hope every kid will love these toys as a Christmas gift. Nt only for 4 to 6 year old kids, we reviewed for all ages kids in other articles. Stay tuned for more reviews.

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