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Best Award Winning Toys for 1 Year Old Toddlers – 2020

Selecting the best award winning toys for 1 year old toddlers!  Toddlers are full of energy and are always looking for something to play with. Toddlers seem to be easily entertained, so you might think anything colorful can pass as a suitable toy. But you should put more thought into selecting toys for your toddler. Because toddlers learn from what they play with, so if their toys are at surface-level and just light up and make noise, they will not learn to use their imaginations and creativity.

While the right kind of toy will not only attract and entertain but also teach. Good toys develop a toddler’s intellectual and motor skills. Being a parent it is your responsibility to conduct proper research and make sure the toys you are getting are actually contributing to your child’s informal education. There is a whole world of toys out there and the research can quickly become overwhelming. To help you out, here is a list of 10 award-winning toys that are perfect for your one-year-old.

Top 10 Best Award Winning Toys for 1 Year Old Toddlers – 2020

Top 5 award winning toys among our 10 toy reviews more products are below.



Product Name

Our Rating



Award-Winning Musical Toys for 1 Year Old

Elegent Pick

Award Winning Montessori Musical Toys for Toddlers 1 - 4 Years Old


Wooden Puppy Walk A-Long Award Winning Pull Toy

Best Affrodable Pick

Walk-A-Long Puppy Wooden Pull Toy for 1 Year Old


Wooden Roller Derby Marble Racing Award Winning Toy

Premium Pick

Hape Award Winning Amazing Roller  Marble Racing Toddler Toy


Walk-A-Long Snail  Wooden Pull Award Winning Toy

Walk-A-Long Snail Toddler Wooden Pull Toy


Award Winning Hape Little Red Rider Wooden Kid's Ride on Bike for 1 Year Old

Award Winning Little Wooden Ride on Bike for 1 Year Old

#1: Hape Pound, Tap, & Shake! Award-Winning Musical Toys

This is a award winning wooden toy for 1 year old that has hammering balls, a tambourine, and a xylophone. The child can use the wooden hammer to hit the balls, they drop onto the colorful xylophone emitting a melodious musical note. The xylophone can be slid out and played with separately. It has won the Crisbe award for the favorite musical toy in the year 2018.

Award-Winning Musical Toys for 1 Year Old toddler
Hape Pound, Tap, & Shake! Music Set – Award Winning Wooden Pounding Bench, Baby Xylophone, and Tap Along Tambourine – Developmental, Non-Toxic, Montessori Musical Toys for Toddlers 1 – 4 Years Old

Design of the award winning toy:

This toy is made out of bamboo wood and is very sturdy. The bright colors are achieved by using water-based and scent-free safe paints. The hammer and the tambourine come separately while the xylophone can be slid out to play separately and learn about colors and tones.  The tambourine is engineered so its volume never exceeds the safe limits.


This toy does not have any other accessories because it is a complete set in itself. All the musical instruments can be used at the same time so you can play along with your child and create fun songs. However, you can remove the bells from the box to play with them separately for extra fun. Or you can leave them inside the box and drop the balls on them with the help of the hammer.

Physical Development:

This toy will surely help in improving your toddler’s smooth motor skills. It is one of the few toys that make the child practice many skills at the same time. Will teach hand to eye coordination, muscle strength, and gripping practice. Also enhance some intellectual skills like logic building, understanding cause-and-effect and also audio recognition.

Entertainment value:

If there was an entertainment school, this toy would graduate with flying colors. Toddlers and all children under the age of 5 find it very fun and engaging. It is a music and that knows no bounds so your children will be busy with this toy for hours in the end.


  • Sturdy wooden build
  • Harmless and vibrant paint
  • Removable xylophone


  • Xylophone may be out of tune

Why you should buy it for 1 year old toddler?

You should buy this toy because it’s high quality has been endorsed and it has received a prestigious award. If you want to teach your child about colors in a fun and stress-free way, then you should definitely buy this toy. It is also a good choice for parents who want to instill the love of music in their toddlers.

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#2: Wooden Puppy Walk-A-Long Award Winning Pull Toy

This toy is an adorable wooden puppy that has a string attached to it. It is great for toddlers who are just learning to walk. It will walk alongside your kid and provide encouragement and entertainment. With the child’s imagination, this can be his pet and best friend who he will have great adventures with. It received the Parent Magazine’s Best Toy Award in 2012.

Wooden Puppy Walk-A-Long Award Winning Pull Toy
Walk-A-Long Puppy Wooden Pull Toy by Hape | Award Winning Push Pull Toy Puppy For Toddlers Can Sit, Stand and Roll. Rubber Rimmed Wheels for Easy Push and Pull Action, Red


This little puppy is made entirely out of wood. The fine craftsmanship ensures that all edges are smooth and safe for children. It is designed to have a flexible structure so the kid can make it stand, sit, walk and even roll simply by using the string attached. You can check also Unique Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boy


This award-winning pup does not need any accessories to be a complete package. The dog can walk when the string is pulled and can sit and roll upon gesturing with the string. It does not come with any extra bits and pieces and is a very simple toy, perfect for toddlers who like to throw around their toys.

Physical Development:

This toy will be a great aid if you are currently trying to teach your toddler to walk. It is colorful and attractive and if you make it walk in front of the kid, the kid will be tempted to walk after it. It keeps kids moving, improving their physical health.

Entertainment value of this award winning toy:

The best thing about this wooden puppy is that it can sit and roll like a real dog. So your toddler will be endlessly entertained by pretending to have a furry friend. As with every simplistic toy, entertainment is as vast as the imagination of the child.


  • Perfectly safe design.
  • Encourages physical movement.


  • Wheels tend to de-attach if played with roughly.

Why you should buy the award winning toy for 1 year old?

You should purchase this toy because it will be a great way to get your kid to play outdoors. Children need to engage in physical activity to remain healthy and this toy encourages that. It is interactive and will stimulate the child’s imagination.

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#3: Wooden Roller Derby Marble Racing Award Winning Toy

The Roller Derby Marble Racing Toy contains beautifully colored wooden balls that the child can pass through peek-a-boo holes and watch as they travel along the track. When the ball reaches the end, a bell chimes. It is a great toy for teaching kids about colors and momentum. In 2014, it received the Platinum Toy Profile award at Oppenheim.

Wooden Roller Derby Marble Racing Award Winning Toy
Award Winning Hape Totally Amazing Roller Derby Wooden Marble Racing Toddler Toy


The toy is made out of wood and is designed to look like a curved mountain. The shape aides in the creation of an automatic track where the ball keeps going once passed through one of the holes. The mountain also contains a small metallic pathway for the ball. At the end of the pathway is the head of a bell, upon which the balls fall and create the chime that declares the end of the track.


The toy comes with 3 brightly colored balls that the child can play with separately or on the mountain track. Other than that, this toy does not need any accessories and is fairly simple. The company, Hape, also sells replacement balls in case your kid loses the ones that come with the toy originally.

Physical Development:

For a newly-turned 1-year-old, this toy is great because it makes him grab the balls. This develops his forearm strength and also teaches him how to grip and let go. It is also great for the intellectual development of the child because it familiarizes him with the concepts of fast and slow.

Entertainment value:

The toy provides great entertainment. Toddlers love bright colors and they can spend hours looking at the colorful balls go down the track. The added element of music in the form of the bell also adds to entertainment value because toddlers will keep playing again and again just to hear the bell chime.


  • Brightly Colored.
  • No Sharp Edges.
  • Balls not small enough to be choking hazards.
  • Bell volume is at safe levels.


  • It might be difficult to find replacement balls that work perfectly.

Why you should buy it?

If you want your toddler to stay busy and learn something then definitely make this purchase. This toy is built very sturdily so even if your kids throw it around, it will not break so it is great value for your money. You should consider buying this if you are looking to teach your kid about colors.

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#4: Award Winning Hape Little Rider toy for 1 year old

If you want to teach your toddler how to walk but they don’t have the coordination and the balance yet then the Hape Little Red Rider is going to be a great help. It is a wooden bike with 4 wheels that the child can drive by paddling his feet on the ground.  The child is going to have so much fun moving around on this bike.

Award Winning Hape Little Red Rider Wooden Kid's Ride on Bike


The product is made entirely out of wood from sustainable forests. The wide design of the seat ensures stability and that the child does not trip or slip off. The heavy wheels make sure the bike would not tip over if the kid tried to stand up while putting his weight on the handlebars. The only assembly required is putting the handlebars into the pre-drilled holes and using 4 screws to fasten them, which any parent can do.


There are no accessories with this toy because it is insanely fun on its own and you don’t need anything extra to make the cycle work. It is a simplistic design because toys with many parts can be easily broken and the child might end up getting hurt with the tiny shards. You can check also the best tricycle for 1 year old

Physical Development:

You can give this toy to your one-year-old as a walker. It will teach him balance and build his motor skills. This toy grows with your kid, so as he gets closer to 2 years of age, he can start using it as a bike, at this stage the movement of arms and legs will build stamina and muscle strength.

Entertainment value:

Because it is very compact, you can take it anywhere with you and the kid and ride on it. It provides a lot of entertainment because children love feeling like grown-ups and being able to move on their own. They will get addicted to this toy because of the confidence it will bring them.


  • Stable Design.
  • Comfortable Seat.
  • It can be used for years.


  • You might face some difficulty in attaching the handle.

Why you should buy it?

If you are looking for something that is not just a toy, but also a great physical activity then you should definitely buy this. It is built to last and will encourage the children to play outside which is very important for their physical health.

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#5: Award Winning Musical Soft Toy for Toddlers

Are you a classical music lover looking to inspire the interest in your child as well? Virtuoso Bear’s Beethoven teddy bear is the perfect option for you. It is a teddy bear made to look like Beethoven that can play 40 minutes of Beethoven’s classic melodies.

Award Winning Musical Soft Toy for Toddlers
Vosego Ludwig Van Beethoven Virtuoso Bear | 40 mins Classical Music for Babies | 15″ Award Winning Musical Soft Toy | Educational Toy for Infants Kids Adults


The teddy bear is made out of soft material so the child can safely play, hug or sleep with it. On the back, underneath the coat is a secret pocket that contains the music module. The music module can be taken out to be turned on or to change batteries. You do not need to worry about the child reaching the batteries because the compartment is sealed with a screw. When the music module is inside the pocket, pressing the belly of the bear plays the music. Pressing it again turns it off, you can also increase the volume by long press and skip tracks by double-tapping.


The bear comes in an adorable light brown satchel that you can keep. You can teach your toddler to carry the teddy bear in it when you are traveling with it. If you are moving then using the satchel to keep the bear safe is also a good idea. It will protect from dust and dirt.

Physical Development:

This toy focuses more on cognitive, auditory and emotional development than on the physical. Research shows that classical music produces dopamine which can create relaxation, so this toy is great for fun parent-child time. It also develops a taste for classical music and boosts the child’s auditory perception.

Entertainment value:

This little teddy bear is endlessly entertaining. It has 7 of the most recognized Beethoven tracks which will never bore. It also comes with a short biography of the musician printed inside the back pocket. You can read it to your child to spark their interest and imagination and give them knowledge in an engaging and relaxed way.


  • Educational and entertaining.
  • Batteries are efficiently childproof.
  • Helps the baby fall asleep.
  • Improves the child’s memory.


  • With a lot of use, the music module might stop working but there is a 6-month warranty on the electronic parts to cover.

Why you should buy it?

If you want to spend some quality and relaxing time with your toddler, then definitely buy this teddy bear. It is not only fun to play with but will be a great constant companion to your child. The classical music will help him sleep if you put it in his crib.

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#6: Award-Winning Hape Dancing Butterflies Push and Pull

Award-Winning Hape Dancing Butterflies Push and Pull

This Hape Dancing Butterfly push-and-pull toy is a great way to get your child to be more active. It is very colorful and moves smoothly. If you are working on teaching your toddler how to walk, this will be helpful because the dancing butterflies will encourage the child.


The toy is made out of child-safe and non-toxic wood. It has a long pulling stick attached to 2 wheels upon which rests a beautiful flower-shaped platform. On the multi-colored flower hang, 3 pretty butterflies that move around at the toy is pushed or pulled. The stick has grooves and a handle that make it easy to hold and pull.


There are no accessories with this toy. It is a colorful twist on a classic pull toy and does not need any over-the-top fixtures. Its simplicity is what makes it so suitable for toddlers because it is one structure and does not have any breakable or tiny parts that can hurt your toddler.

Physical Development:

Running around playing with this toy will make kids more active and build their leg muscles. It also promotes balance and coordination. Your child will develop the habit of running and walking and will become an active toddler.

Entertainment value:

This toy will entertain the child for as long as he doesn’t get tired of walking and running. It is fun to look at because the butterflies are vibrant and colorful and the child is going to want to run faster to see them spin faster. It is a great value for your money.


  • Promotes walking.
  • Builds stamina and muscles.
  • Enhances toddlers innovation in an imaginative way


  • The handlebar comes in 2 pieces and needs to be put together. It may become loose if not fastened nicely.

Why you should buy it?

If you are sick of seeing your child stay inside, being lazy and watching cartoons, you should buy this toy. It will be a great incentive for the child to go outside and play in the yard. The child will become more active and strong.

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#7: Award Winning Four Wheeled Wooden Bike Toy for Toddlers 

Hape’s Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike won the Gold Seal Toy Portfolio award at Oppenheim in the year 2013. It is a brilliantly designed bike that your 1-year-old can scoot on and when he grows a little older he can properly ride it by moving his feet on the ground. It is a great toy for a hyperactive child.

Award Winning Four Wheeled Wooden Bike Toy for Toddlers 

Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike | Award Winning Four Wheeled Wooden Push Balance Bike Toy for Toddlers with Rubberized Wheels, Bright Green


The toy is made entirely out of safe and non-toxic wood. The beautiful green hues are achieved using child-safe water based paints. The tires are covered in rubber, this feature makes sure that the tires do not leave nasty looking marks on the floor of your house. The seat is wide and sturdy. The bright green balls at the sides of the handlebar not only look pretty but ensure safety by providing a round edge.


A bike is a complete toy, especially the incredibly safe Hape’s Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike. It does not need any accessories and is a great addition to your toy collection. You can use it to take your toddler along with you when going for walks.

Physical Development:

The Hape’s Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike makes the child move around and hence improves his motor skills. It also teaches him coordination and balance. The physical exercise due to riding the bike boosts the child’s strength and develops his muscles.

Entertainment value:

The bike provides a lot of entertainment to a child, it also encourages his creativity and imagination. Toddlers make up stories about great adventures when ready on this mighty steed. You can leave your kid with this bike in the yard or the family room and no worries because he will not be bored soon.


  • Plastic covered tires.
  • Rounded handlebars provide safety.
  • Well built, hard to topple over.


  • Difficult to assemble.

Why you should buy it?

If your kid just turned 1 and is starting to move around on his own, buying a Scoot Around bike would be a good idea. It will give him a safe toy on which he can practice balance, strength, and mobility. It is a great option for people who have pretty tiles-made house and they don’t want scratches because its tires are covered in rubber.

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#8: Award Winning Walking Toy for 1 year old

Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking Toy is a bundle of toys in one. It is a walker with storage space that has small activities all over it. Your toddler will have lots of fun pushing it around with all other toys inside. It is colorful, engaging and very versatile.

#9: Award Winning  Walker Push and Pull Walking Toy for Toddler 
Award Winning Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking Toy


The walker is made out of  wood collected from sustainable forests. It has a storage area, attached to which is a vertical board that contains many activities and ends in a handle. The activities are all very colorful, they include a rotating ball, tiny car and house that can be dragged on a track, and also a compartment of colorful small balls. The side of the storage space has some colorful beads on a wire that the child can move around.


The Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking Toy comes with nothing except the screws and the Allen wrench needed to assemble the walker. It does not come with any extra things because it is already studded with so many points-of-interest for your child.

Physical Development:

The walker is quite big so moving to around will require the child to use his strength, building up his arms and legs. It also promotes motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It will make the kids practice grabbing and being active.Having many colors with the toy, it would be a great way to teach kids about colors.

Entertainment value:

This toy will become a favorite because it will make your little one feel like an adult. You can tell them to put all their toys inside the storage area and they would happily push it around looking for toys. Even if the child gets tired of walking he will be entertained by enormous activities the toy provides.


  • Multiple activities in a single piece of toy.
  • Good for teaching kids- how to walk.


  • It might be too heavy for some toddlers.
  • The wrench provided is not in a suitable size.

Why you should buy it?

If you have a hyperactive toddler that always needs to be entertained this toy is right for you because it has a lot of features in it. Honestly, having wheels makes it even more convenient because you can have the busy-box anywhere in the house with ease.

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#9: Walk-A-Long Snail Wooden Pull Award Winning Toy

The wooden Hape Walk-A-Long Snail Toddler Pull Toy is an adorable walking partner for your child. The toddler can pull the string to make his snail friend walk with him. It is very colorful and also has a game that includes shapes. great for physical and mental stimulations.

Walk-A-Long Snail  Wooden Pull Award Winning Toy
Award Winning Hape Walk-A-Long Snail Toddler Wooden Pull Toy


The toy is made entirely out of sustainable wood and painted with water-based paints that are non-toxic. The string attached to the body of the snail is used to pull it. The shell of the snail can be rolled off, detaching from the rest of the body. It has 3 holes, of different shapes and the child has to insert the right shape into the right hole.


It comes with the 3 wooden shapes needed to play the game, other than that there are no accessories. This toy does not need any accessories to be fun and engaging. It is a full-deal and your child will be very entertained with it.

Physical Development:

This toy will make walking a fun activity for your child. They will develop their gross and fine motor skills and also develop balance and coordination. From an early age, your child will get used to an active lifestyle and will beg you to take them outside so they can play with their best friend snail.

Entertainment value:

While walking and running while being chased by a snail is very entertaining to kids, it is not the only thing this toy has to offer. Whenever the child gets tired they can just sit down and play with the colorful shapes and enjoy as the shapes go through the holes.


  • Very entertaining, dual-features in one toy.
  • Colorful and enticing look.


  • The tail is fragile and might fall off.

Why you should buy it?

The Hape Walk-A-Long Snail Toddler Wooden Pull Toy is the perfect choice if you want a toy that contributes to both intellectual and physical abilities of your kid. The snail is a great walk-along partner and will encourage the toddler to walk.Besides, when he is bored, the detachable shell of the snail has an interesting shape-learning game on it.

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#10: Hape Butterfly Wooden Award-Winning Walking Toy

Hape Butterfly Wooden Award Winning Walking Toy

Toddlers are fond of butterflies.are colorful and are funny to look at while moving around. With Hape’s Wooden Butterfly Push and Pull Walking Toy, your kid can have his very own butterfly friend. It is a walk-along toy that looks like a colorful butterfly with a pretty pink handle.


The Butterfly Push and Pull Walking Toy by Hape is made entirely out of wood. It has a long stick attached to which is a wooden butterfly on wheels. When the child pulls or pushes the butterfly using the stick, the wings of the butterfly flap. It is made of non-toxic and child safe materials.


It is just a simple, single-structured toy and does not have any accessories. Its beauty and stability lie on its simplicity. It does not need any accessories to be entertaining, it will do a great job of that on its own.

Physical Development:

Like every walk-along toy the, Butterfly Push and Pull Walking Toy by Hape will encourage physical activity. The physical movement leads to a better strength and stamina.Moreover, It enhances  kids coordination and motor skills. You can use it to encourage your baby taking their first steps because the pretty flapping wings of the butterfly will surely be chased by an intrigued toddler.

Entertainment value:

Toddlers are easy to please if something is colorful and moves, it is going to have their attention for a long time. This toy has great entertainment value for children who don’t tire easily ,love moving around and being active. As with every simple toy, the limit of entertainment is just the imagination of your child.


  • Sturdy wood structure.
  • Bright eye-catching colors.


  • The motion path is limited.
  • The handle comes in 2 pieces and has to be assembled.

Why you should buy it?

You should buy the Butterfly Push and Pull Walking Toy by Hape because it is a great way to get your little one to walk. You can move it around them and encourage them to chase it and trick them into taking their first steps. As your one-year-old gets older you can take them and their butterfly friend to walks with you.

Things to consider for an award-winning toy for 1-year-old

Never just buy a toy because your toddler points to it, children are easily impressed and don’t know what is best for them. A child may throw a tantrum for an attractive toy but it is up to you to decide if it is actually right for them. Being a parent you should ask a series of questions you ask before buying a toy. The questions should be based on the following important criteria:

Choking Hazards

When buying for a toddler ensure that the toy has no extremely small parts. Toddlers are teething and love putting things in their mouth so if the toy has tiny parts, the child might choke on them. If a toy has any parts less than 2 inches in diameter, it is better to not buy it.

Flight Risks

Do not choose toys that launch objects into the air. Toddlers can get seriously injured if they are surprised by a jumping part. Do not buy them projectile toys, choose stable structures that do not offer any surprises.

Sensory-Motor Development

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a toy for a toddler is seeing how it will contribute to the sensory and motor development of your kid. Choose toys that stimulate senses like sight, smell, touch, and sound. Buy toys that allow kids to play games where they can practice gross and fine motor skills along with hand-eye coordination


Many parents fall into the trap of buying the same kind of toys over and over again. They see that the child enjoyed that toy once so they only buy similar toys. But the variation in toys is very important. Choose a toy that introduces the child to many kinds of colors, textures, shapes, puzzles, and activities. This variation will keep the child excited to play and challenge his mind.


When buying toys and considering so many factors, you might end up buying some very complicated-looking contraption. The most important and underlying factor is the simplicity of the toy. This is because toddlers tend to take apart toys, and if a toy has many parts it will be easy to break. A broken toy can harm your toddler. Go for toys that have a simple structure, they will encourage the toddler’s imagination and will be more durable.

Low Volume

You might think that loud music in a toy will keep your child busy and is a good thing. It might engage your toddler successfully but it is not a good thing in the long run. 1-year-olds have very sensitive ears, if a toy is too loud it can damage their hearing. Auditory development is important so don’t skip toys that make sounds altogether. Just choose toys that have a lower and sweet volume so your child can learn safely.

FAQs – Award Winning Toys for 1 Year Old

What toys are most appropriate for 1-year-olds?

When it comes to 1-year-olds the toys should not be too complex, if they are, the child might get frustrated with them and never play with them. But they should also not be too simple and repetitive, because then the kid can get bored and leave the toy. You need to find the middle ground with toys that are easy to operate like walk-along animals but also have some variety.

An example is the Hape Snail Walk Along toy, it is just a simple snail the kid can walk around with but also has a shape recognition game. So the toy has one element the child is already familiar with, it is this element that will make him gravitate towards it in the first place. But at the same time, it also has something new for him to discover. Another great option for toddlers is stuffed toys because they are perfectly safe and most toddlers love them. Besides, you can find toys that have multiple features.

What materials are considered safe and child friendly?

For stuffed toys, cotton and polyester are perfectly safe. For other kinds of toys like bikes and playhouses, try to opt for wood instead of plastic. This is not only because plastic is bad for the environment, but also because plastic toys can break and the pieces are pretty harmful for your child. In case you want to buy plastic toys, prefer the hard plastic. The hard plastic is very difficult to break and will withstand the beatings from your toddler. Another thing to keep in mind is the material of the paint. Toddlers love to put things in their mouths and even suck on them so make sure the paints used are water-based and non-toxic.

What if the kid doesn’t like the toy?

Sometimes you may face a situation where your child simply refuses to play with a toy. LOL! This can be especially confusing when the toy is perfect on paper, it is bright, colorful, interactive and pretty. The child’s disinterest may be due to many factors. The first is that the toy is too heavy, this is especially applicable to the push-and-pull type of toys. If the toy is too heavy then dealing with it will take effort which the child simply does not and cannot provide.

What you can do with such a toy is- save it for later. Another possibility is that it is too difficult. Toys like puzzles and other activity-based toys can frustrate little kids if they are too tough to crack. Do not pressure your child to keep playing with such a toy, they will come around eventually. The third possibility is that the child is scared. Most children are scared of sitting on a ride-and-scoot bike for the first time because they are not familiar with it and might lose balance. All you need to do is play with your child and hold them for the first few rides and then they will get synchronized to it as the fear would be replaced with excitement.

How to recognize which toys can hurt the child?

Most companies say their toys are perfectly safe,but you should always double-check for safety. Firstly, make sure the toy has no tiny parts that can be detached. Toddlers love to discover their toys, and if there is any part that can come undone easily, they will undo it. And then, by force of habit, they will put it in their mouth. So all tiny parts can be choking hazards. Next, while buying a toy that has batteries inside it, make sure the battery compartment cannot be opened easily. If a toddler gets their hands on the battery they might suck on it and contact dangerous chemicals. Many toy manufacturers fasten the battery compartment with a screw, this is a safe option. Lastly, look for any sharp edges that could cut the child. Make sure there are no protruding screws or other abruptly ending parts that can injure the kid.

How to care for the toys?

Taking good care of toys ensures their long life. Toddlers are not the most responsible beings so you have to step up and take care of their toys for them. First of all, invest in a toy basket or cupboard of some kind. A good option is a storage unit with lots of crates. You cannot care for toys if you do not have a safe place to store them.

Next, maintain the cleanliness of the toys. Do not use rough chemicals to clean the toys. Buy washable stuffed toys so you can easily wash them quite comfortably. For other toys, simply use a wet paper towel or piece of cloth to make sure no dust is sticking onto those. Remember your child spends most time with the toys, so those  should be perfectly neat and tidy. If a toy breaks or is detached, do not keep it in the toy collection; either get it fixed or throw it away.


Bottom Line

In this article, we have done our very best to provide you with a well-researched list of best award winning toys for one-year-old toddlers. You have just read our review of the top 10 toys for toddlers. While it was a lot of fun gathering information on all the toys, our personal favorite is the Hape Snail Walk Along Toy. Our 1 and a half year old girl absolutely loves it and plays with it all the time. Another heart favorite of hers is the Beethoven Stuff Toy. It is now her best friend and she carries it around with her everywhere. You should try it, hopefully your toddler will love it too.

We hope you have fun in your search for the perfect toys, and remember that safety always comes first. Which is why we made sure that all the toys we reviewed in this article are safe and child-friendly. But nevertheless, whenever you are purchasing something for your little one, make sure it does not have any safety issues. If you have any questions about the toys or other related matters, feel free to get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

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